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Mustang Wind Deflector 1965-1968

The Mustang convertible wind deflector will fit Mustang models from 1965 - 1968. This wind deflector is designed to work with the boot cover on your convertible.
$395.00 (USD)
  • Your convertible wind deflector will reduce wind speed by up to 75%
  • Enjoy driving with your top down earlier in the spring and later into the fall
  • Listening to music or have a conversation even at highway speeds
  • Open and close your convertible top without removing the wind deflector
  • Helping you love your convertible more & keeping you looking great

less than 5 minutesEasyNo tools needed
 "After setup it's in and out of your car in under One Minute."

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  • One Year Warranty
  • Fast, Easy and Painless Install

Wind deflectors are also known as a Ford Mustang: wind screen, windscreen, windstop, wind bocker, and wind jammer. A wind deflector is an essential convertible accessory, the single  most effective and unobtrusive way to reduce strong and noisy wind gusts  while driving your convertible. Instead of the wind blowing through the  cabin of your car, up to 75% of the wind is diverted over the back of  your convertible, so you can soak up the elements instead of being at  their mercy.

Extend your convertible season: with the wind deflector redirecting  the wind over the back of your car, you can drive with top down earlier  in the spring and later into the fall and in more comfort all any time.

Drive in peace and quiet: Without the loud rush of wind in your ears,  you'll finally be able to listen to music and talk with passengers. The  difference is dramatic, especially when travelling at highway speeds.

There are no modifications to your convertible and is designed not to harm your convertible in any way

The wind deflector can stay in place when lowering or raising your  convertible top or can stay in place with the top up or down. Once in  place most owners never remove them.